Cybersecurity makes the news every day.

Sometimes for unfortunate reasons. 

Each week we read about the latest high-profile breach or ransomware attack. We hope that it won’t happen to us and we strive to do our best to keep up defences in the face of a shape-shifting, resourceful and persistent enemy.

But sometimes for very positive reasons too.  It’s a phenomenal growth industry.

BT recently announced 900 new cyber security jobs, some based in Cardiff.  And companies large and small, researchers and universities in Wales are playing a leading role in the field, with long established expertise in ICT.

So why is cybersecurity so important?  

Well, we know the threat is real, because we see it every day. 

BT operates one of the world’s largest networks, so we have a ringside seat when it comes to assessing intelligence on the cyber risk. 

We’ve seen a 1,000 per cent increase in the cyber threats directed at us and at our customers over the past 18 months; especially those with valuable data or critical services and infrastructure. 

So it’s no longer a question of if you’re breached, but what you do when it happens.

Organisations have to assume that they’ll be breached and develop a proactive strategy to very quickly identify the most important risks, contain attacks and prevent damage. 

At BT we’ve stepped up our security investment and take an intelligence-led and very focused approach to identifying what needs to be protected, how and from whom, using open technology developed by ourselves and many security partners including very innovative SMEs.

This same approach is working for some of our major customers; from banks and government agencies, up to nation-state level.  

Joining up security intelligence and response works, and will, we believe, be essential for organisations to keep pace with the cyber threat.

One thing is certain.

The cutting-edge technology, skills and processes we need to protect ourselves and our customers from cyber security threats are in increasing demand.  

And that’s means that the digital skills and cybersecurity products and expertise being developed in Wales will have a ready market and a promising future.

About BT

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