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How Do We Eliminate The Chasm In Technology?

A definitive contrast with the general opinion that attaches itself to the so-called “Generation Y”, there appears to be a “chasm” in the future of digital skill and incorporation of such, predominately due to stigma surrounding an over-crowded industry. Our objective today, became prevalent within the beginning five minutes, is this representation truthful and if so, how can this be eliminated?

The first point of interest; conversing with Wendy Ivins, Carl Jones and Catherine Teehan, who belong to Cardiff University’s dominant initiative the National Software Academy, almost instantaneously we were alerted of the number of schools, the pupils within their possession who were undertaking a multitude of training to increase their cognizance of engineering in addition to computer programming. Ultimately, to cultivate a sense of being “work ready”. This is illustrative of a deliberate plug for younger generations to be incorporated within the software and engineering environment…but this alone, suffice to say, is not yet convincing?

Cardiff University - National Software Accademy

Want more evidence? Talking to Bethan Stacey, one of the influential figures within a branch of the Welsh Government, key points were interchanged, highlighting the ethos of the programme, to assist the ICT business that thrive in Wales or that of the investors, often providing financial support. The same information became conveyed, slightly monotonous, though, seconds later, herself and a colleague spoke of plans “to increase the intake” of the younger generation into this fast paced world, driven by technology. Moreover, they illustrated the central aim of the company, to be the “voice of the industry” effectively destroying potential barriers, blocking success. The good news? It continues, plans of crushing the “glass ceiling” that separates men and women in this field of work were entailed, demonstrating how female misrepresentation within the industry must be confronted and thus, resolved.

If you are reading this, in your head there is most probably a small, insignificant voice, exclaiming how this seems to be the same record played on a loop. Creativity is manifest in different technological industry, to exemplify, CGI, one of the world’s most largest independent IT and business process services companies illustrates from the outset a support targeted at competitors in the Commonwealth Games, currently sponsoring a gymnast who will be a key figure in future events. It seems pertinent here to note that sports, in technology, how perfectly absurd is that? Well, actually, it is a ploy to engage young people within this bustling industry, exemplifying the variant approaches that these digital skyscrapers are adopting. 

Though this “chasm” may be irritatingly present in today’s society, in our opinion, such a problem will be non-existent. 

Published: 07/06/2016

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