Cip yn ôl ar 2015: Y Darlun Mwy – DropTask - Chris Griffiths

A look back at 2015: The Bigger Picture - DropTask

Y Dwsin Digidol yw 12 cwmni o Gymru sy’n arwain y ffordd ac yn ffurfio economi digidol y DU trwy ddefnyddio technoleg yn arloesol. Roedd DropTask yn un o Ddwsin Digidol 2015. Yma, mae sefydlydd a Phrif Weithredwr Open Genius, Chris Griffiths yn sôn am bwysigrwydd gweld y darlun fwy.

The Bigger Picture

If we wish to be successful in business and join the fast growing digital economy that is shaping tomorrow’s world, we must open our eyes to reality instead of working on ‘autopilot’ as it will give us the focus and attention to think proactively. As a ‘switched on’ mode of thinking, proactive thinking permits us to seek new ways of achieving our goals and seeing successful results. Thinking proactively also prevents us from becoming stuck in the same old habits and patterns, and instead encourages us to make the time and effort to look at information in different ways and find new opportunities before others – which will allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

By taking this innovative and creative approach to thinking, DropTask, a visual task management application, has turned traditional task management choices - such as pen and paper and tools like Excel and email, on their heads; these choices aren’t tailored to cope with our growing challenges and changing needs. DropTask’s game-changing approach was designed to break the mold by transforming a simple list into a colourful, shapely dashboard that lets you visually categorise tasks, designate priorities, and collaborate with teams in the most unique and powerful way yet. But more than that, the use of visuals helps to give meaning and purpose to your work, and brings value through the use of space, colour, and virtually any other graphic element you fancy, including key words. 

You may have noticed in recent years there has been a blitz of electronic digital media where images now fill our computers, televisions, and our minds like never before. Not forgetting the popularity growth of visual apps such as Instagram and Pinterest that are powered by images. The visual display of information and relations between tasks and ideas has been enabled through an explosion of digital advancements. 

Emerging empirical evidence reveals specific ways in which visual methodologies can boost memory, organization and critical thinking, and thus the potential to successfully manage to-dos in this way has quickly been realised.  With respect to task management, visuals help you go beyond simple lists, so you literally ‘see’ things get done. Of course, words and numbers are all still useful, but visuals are going up in status because of their power to convey, conceptualise, and communicate meaning in literally a flash – as opposed to copious amounts of descriptive text. 

Although there’s no single means of perfecting organisation and productivity, there’s undeniably a strong argument to suggest that a visual or graphic approach has the edge over the traditional to-do list, spreadsheet or linear drop-down menu, and it’s down to the fact that visual displays allow for a combination of graphics and words that creates a productive power which goes beyond what each one can do alone. 

Great and innovative ideas – such as the digital trends emerging from the growth in visual thinking, hardly ever occur as flashes of inspiration. They may take weeks, months or even years to evolve. But by being proactive in our thinking we are putting ourselves in a position to create peak conditions for innovation, and as DropTask is doing with task management, you can set out to revolutionize the future of your industry. 

Chris Griffiths is founder and CEO of Open Genius, the company behind the DropTask brand.

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Published: 01/03/2016

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